woensdag 11 juli 2018

Arteluce Mira design Ezio Didone

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Design sleeping sofa

you can pull the seat out and make a one person bed
leather with fabric and thick steel

Danish rosewood coffee table

New Old stock Artemide Aton design Ernesto Gismondi

Harvink Mission eighties sofa

Gispen metal magazine holder

Wooden Basket

Gispen coffee table design Coen de Vries

Samo display in wood design Carlo Scarpa

Display of the table feet of a Samo table

4x Danish dining chairs

Gijs van der Sluis chairs

Herda Perforated metal mirror with back light

Tomado Trolley table

Italian table lamp by Piuluce Italy

Harvink eighties sofa

Bauhaus wall lamp design Wilhelm Wagenfeld

vrijdag 25 mei 2018

Modular square moon lamps 4x

Eighties easy chairs

Danish Coffee table design by Borge Mogensen for FDB mobler

Small rattan side table,basket

Rosewood and glass coffee table

Rattan mirror

Seventies green plastic mirror

Fifties wire candle holder

10x stackable industrial Gispen chairs

Stackable Marko chairs

Siesta stool design Inger Relling for Westnofa

Fifties arm chair teak wood

seventies space age table lamp