woensdag 27 februari 2013

SOLD Cosack fifties wall lamp in style of Stilnovo

Cosack Germany

Fristho sideboard design William Watting

SOLD Rohe Noordwolde rocking chair Albini style

SOLD Fog and Morup floor lamp

SOLD Hala Fiesta wall lamps

3 available 

SOLD Anvia floor lamp design Hoogervorst

SOLD French fifties floor lamp

SOLD Tijsseling Koehoorn "Cowhorn" chairs 4x

Wenge wood
Set of 4

SOLD Philips wall lamps type NX 25 E/00

SOLD Danish foldable kids chair

SOLD Auping table design Andre Cordemeijer

SOLD Pastoe chairs FM07 design Cees Braakman

SOLD Hala desk lamp model 144 design TH Busquet

SOLD Hala Zeist table lamp model 144 design design TH Busquet

Philips fifties wall lamps type NX 54 E 00

Linea zero funky boy seventies lamp Italy

Linea zero funky boy Italy
H 30cm

SOLD Hala Zeist table lamps

SOLD Very small fifties table lamp

Fifties table clock

West Germany

SOLD Pink panter lamp

Made in Italy

SOLD Hala Zeist Fiesta wall lamp