dinsdag 11 juni 2013

SOLD Fifties colored sideboard

125x 45x81 cm

SOLD Wilkhahn 2 seater model 1200 design Friso Kramer 1972

Harvink chairs design Ruud Jan Kokke

SOLD Nebu table / table lamp / display

Round 20 hight 55 cm

SOLD Large coffee table

160x80x44 cm 

SOLD Parker Knoll chairs

One has a small hole 

Danish round coffee table

round 84,5 h 44 cm

SOLD Van Oomeren nesting set attribute to Max Sauze

h 40x45x45 cm

Made in the eighties by Van Someren

Danish teak coffee table

Fifties wood/glass/copper table lamp

donderdag 6 juni 2013

Pastoe coffee table wood/rattan /glass

Round 88 x 40 cm

SOLD Mart van Schijndel floorlamp Slack 1

185 cm

Gives very beautiful light

SOLD Fifties dining set

SOLD Pastoe dining chairs design Cees Braakman

SOLD Pastoe dining table Design Cees Braakman

Dining table TU10 extensible 157/216x 80x70 cm

Chrome and white formica 

SOLD Minimalistic design table lamp


Very nice detailed chairs from the fifties 2x

Rohe Noodwolde Ratan chair and table